Celebrating our 15th Year!

The year 1999. 
The Y2K scare.
You could buy a gallon of gasoline for a buck thirty. Gold was $280 an ounce.
The biggest news story centered on the impeachment of President Clinton and his subsequent acquittal by the Senate. Monica Lewinsky became a household name.
Denver won the Super Bowl. Shakespeare in Love the Oscar for best picture. Ally McBeal and The Practice were the hot TV shows while Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On dominated the radio. (Yes, people still listened to the radio!) 
Most importantly, Maui Island Secret was born on the island with one product launched at a handful of accounts. This year the company will celebrate 15 years in business and 10’s of thousands of satisfied customers. 
How passionate are MIS users? We are constantly getting orders from all over the country for a case of product. That is 24 bottles to an individual user. It even amazes us.
Our incredible tanning product, Browning Formula, was our original and still our number one seller. The combination of nutrient rich oils and the “secret” coffee blend makes this the ultimate for those desiring the deepest, darkest tan. We have testimonials pouring in every week from people who have had exceptional performance from our BF, and we have even been “threatened” if we ever quit making it. (We hope they are kidding!) 
Closely behind that all-time favorite are our superb Tan Sealer and unique Burn to Brown. Both are aloe products with Tan Sealer working as a healer and hydrator in a creamy lotion and Burn-to-Brown as a healer non-parallel. Recently, B-t-B was rated the top selling pure aloe product by Long’s Drugstores in the islands.
The passion for the product was nicely illustrated last week when we had a customer form Italy call for an emergency shipment of Tan Sealer and Burn-to-Brown. You see, her annual trip to Maui got delayed and she was running out of her “precious potions” … her words. The freight far exceeded the cost of product but it didn’t matter since she said her skin depended on the products and she looked decades younger after using MIS for many years.
We have a lot of stories like that we could share but the bottom line is we make Maui Island Secret just like we did 15 years ago. Same quality ingredients, hand crafted in our own facility. 
So, join us in celebrating 15 years in 2014.


Maui Island Secret Team