How Maui Island Secret started!

We're often asked how Maui Island Secret got its start, and, as is often the case, it was to fill a need not met by products already on the market.

Bruce Chadwick moved to Maui in 1977 with the intention of working for a few months before going to other, exotic destinations. Thirty six years later, Bruce still works, plays, surfs and lives on Maui.

For many of the early years, Chadwick worked for suncare companies and developed a successful distribution company selling products from the mainland. But he was never fully satisfied with what he was offering.

In the late 90's, he made the commitment to formulate his own product line to his exacting demanding standards. His goal was simple...make the best, most natural products possible utilizing the rich resources of Maui and the neighboring islands. He studied the advantages of native raw materials and then hired a world famous cosmetic chemist to assist in the quest.

Chadwick's dictum was simple; use cosmetic quality ingredients that benefit those that enjoy the sun. Raw ingredients such as Maui Coffee and Green Tea, not usually associated with tanning, were important in the formulas. After years of testing, the first product, our famous Browning Formula, was launched in 1999.

Chadwick knew he had an immediate hit with the public and he developed other world class products including Tan Sealer, Burn-to-Brown and SPF 5 Browning Creme. In fact, Chadwick has been credited with "inventing" an entire new genre of product.. the Browning Category.

Today, Maui Island Secret enjoys an almost cult like following after 14 years of non-compromising products. The line that was born on the beaches of Maui still has its heart and soul in the islands.



Maui Island Secret Team