The "Best of"

It was more than 35 years ago when Bruce Chadwick, the founder of Maui Island Secret, and Charley Richards, founder of Absolutely Natural, met as young men on the island of Maui. Charley stayed almost 10 years before moving to Florida to open his suncare factory while Bruce never left. And, it was in 1999 that they collaborated on Maui Island Secret which to this day is one of the most popular tanning product lines in the Hawaiian Islands.

Frequently, we are asked questions about where to go, what to eat etc. on the island so we went to Charley and Bruce for a little advice.

Best view on the island: Charley says top of Pineapple Hill in Kapalua while Bruce votes for the Sea House Restaurant Bar at Napili Bay. Both agree there are about 20 great answers to this.

Best surfing beaches: Bruce is the expert here and he says in summertime it is Mala Wharf and the breakwall and in winter time it is Honolua Bay and Little Makaha.

Best dive spots: Charley says Molokini or for more advanced divers, the back side of Lanai.

Best place to grab a bit to eat on the way to the beach: Bruce votes for the Shark Pit on Puukolihi Road at the Open Market while Charley says Nagasako Okazu Ya Deli at Old Lahaina Center.

Best sun bathing beaches: Bruce says Kaanapali, Napili Bay, Baby Beach and Wailea while Charley votes for Makena Beach.

Best local food: Charley votes for Paia Fish Market while Bruce says Star Noodle.

Best people watching beaches: Bruce votes for Kaanapali and Napili Bay while Charley says go to Wailea in front of the Grant Wailea or Four Seasons (best chance to see a movie star or two as well).

If you want to know something about the island from people who have a lot of experience there, drop us and e-mail or let us know on Facebook.


Maui Island Secret Team